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First Step In Fiction Writing: Deciding Point Of View

Writing fiction can be a great way to explore your creativity and bring your thoughts and musings to life in an engaging and entertaining way. That said, writing good fiction is rarely an easy task. One of the first things that you’ll want to solidify when you set out to write a story is point of you. This decision will effectively color every other aspect of your writing so it’s important that you devote the necessary thought and planning to Read the rest of this entry »

Not So Clever In Print: Avoiding Jargon And Clichs

While writing it is not so easy to avoid jargon and cliches they are everywhere. Many writers think “If the shoe fits” use a cliche or a “tried and true” expression. One way to avoid these and other overused expressions is to look for novel and creative ways to say things. There are literally hundreds of cliches in the language that creep their way into writing. One should monitor their writing, or have someone else do it for them to be on the lookout for overused expressions that may creep into their Read the rest of this entry »

Write for a living

If you want to become a freelance writer you’ve got to get yourself straight before you start. If you’re going to make any money by writing you’ve got to know where to focus your efforts so we’ve put together a short list of things for you to consider.
Make a Plan: Before you jump off decide what you want to do. Are you aiming for fulltime or would you rather just moonlight? Decide how much you’re willing to put into writing and go from there.
Get Set Up: You need a desk, a place for writing and a good computer. Get wireless internet deals from a local provider and start reading blogs and trade publications about writing for money. This is how you make your contacts and learn where to get work.
Write for Money: Whether you want to blog or write fiction long term, you’ve got to do some “work” to make cash. Write for SEO, for trade magazines and even blogs, just find someone willing to pay you to write and do it. You’ll learn to think outside your box.

Ruthless Self-Editing: When In Doubt, Cut It Out

Self-editing is an essential writing skill, one that separates the great writers from those that are simply good. Learning to cut out those 50 words and long winded sentences in favor of one that is straight to the point ensures that your reader understands exactly what has been written. The K.I.S.S. method, keep it simply, stupid, is a great motto to keep in the back of your head while writing.

The initial draft should flow out of you without too much in-depth editorial thought. Get Read the rest of this entry »

Beware The Passive Voice: The Power Of Active Verbs

Today-s readers want action, not superfluous phrases. They want to read quickly, get to the point and move on with their day. Passive voice writing tends to have long sentences and difficult phrasing. The action is at the end of the sentence and most readers will give up reading the document before they finish the first line.

Using active voice gives the reader the important information right from the start with subject and action verbs. The reader knows who performs Read the rest of this entry »

Journaling As A Way To Hone Your Writing Skills

Journaling is a way to develop and expand writing skills. When journaling a writer has the freedom to write on any subject matter of their choosing, and proofread and edit as they feel is necessary. Many people like to journal about daily occurrences, and some like to journal or blog on special topics such as sports, cooking, or fashion. Any writing is of great practice, no matter the subject. After journaling the basics, a writer is able to expand into greater detail and create longer writing pieces. Writers may prefer to touch upon creative subjects after Read the rest of this entry »

Verbosity: Common In Speech, Deadly In Writing

Often, in conversation, the average person uses an excess amount of words to explain his or her thought. We can easily over-do it with redundant phrases and not even notice. But in everyday conversations we are forgiven. No one cares how much you restate your idea in a different package of adjectives (unless you continue for a very long time!). The problem comes when we sit down to write.
Many of us write how we speak. It is a natural way to write, speaking from the heart. However, when we are writing Read the rest of this entry »

A Good Writer-s Goals: Being Clear, Simple And Precise

A good writer is set aside from the others as they create clear, simple, and precise writing pieces. Advanced writers create straightforward pieces that contribute these qualities, due to their experience in the field. Omission of unnecessary words is key to concision. Keep sentences short, or normal length. Chop out words that carry no weight and do not enhance the writing. Be on the lookout for similar words such as there and their. Even expert writers who have not proofread their writing have submitted work with these errors. Proofread and edit your work multiple Read the rest of this entry »